Mail Security Experts

Keep your employees and organization safe by knowing and mitigating potential risks.

Why invest in a mail-specific security consulting?

You can’t afford not to.

As a critical part of physical security, mail screening protects your staff, assets, and reputation. Mail threats are real and you need adequate protection from them. Yet, you likely struggle with identifying specific risks, knowing what to do to mitigate those risks, and complacency in your organization.

Risk Strategy Group is a mailroom-focused security advisory group. We help you keep your employees and organization safe by knowing and mitigating potential risks.

Know your risk level

Your risk level tells you what types of threats you are most likely to encounter. From receiving a threatening letter to a dangerous explosive, different risks require different solutions.

It’s the first step to organizational security.

Know where you need to be

Vision allows us to know where we’re going and identify the steps to get there. A clear goal, based on your risk level, allows you to implement the correct screening policies and procedures.

It’s the first step to organizational security.

Know where to invest your budget

As you make investments and decisions for facility planning, equipment purchases, outsourcing, and employee training, you must first know your level of risk and what your biggest threats are.

Don’t spend money on the wrong thing. Our independent analysis, not influenced by third-party products or solutions, gives you clear direction.

How we help you

On-site visit

An on-site visit allows us to observe your mailroom first-hand. It’s often the small details that make the biggest difference.


Learning the goals of your organization, your goals, and who you do business with gives visibility into potential threats.


A detailed report identifying your organization’s biggest threats, why they are a concern, and how you can mitigate them.


A detailed report with what your organization is doing well and where you can do better.


Know what to screen, what to train for, and what policies you need to have in place.

Solving a specialized problem requires specialized experience

Your employee safety, financial loss due to downtime, and brand reputation is at risk. A security plan only works if it’s comprehensive. Mail security is often overlooked or neglected.
There are many qualified physical security consultants, but mail security requires specialized training and experience. The United States Postal Inspection Service is the only organization that can adequately train security experts in mail-related threats. You need this experience AND someone who is focused on your organization’s goals.
We have the necessary real-world experience screening and investigating high-profile bomb, biological, and white powder cases. As subject matter experts, we’ve developed dangerous mail training and conducted screening for America’s most senior political leaders and largest sporting events.
When your optimized mail screening efforts are combined with robust physical security, you can rest easy knowing you have a comprehensive plan in place.
Contact us to schedule a call. We can tell you more about Risk Strategy Group and go into more detail about how our experience can help your company.

Work with us



A conversation about what mail security problems you’re trying to solve.



Tailored to you, we help mail security become an integral part of your physical security plan.



Your employee safety, downtime, and brand reputation risk is mitigated.

Our latest insights in mail security risk

Security professionals must always be thinking outside the box. The never-ending battle against criminals is fought on many fronts and the mailroom is one of them.

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